Losing faith in Apple….

I have been an avid fan since the first iPod and for a time before that, I had a MacBook (pre Intel) which I did not really like.   But, Apple had solid build quality and it just worked unlike buggy Windows at that time.  

For the last 10 years, Apple hardware and software has become buggier, reduced reliability in their hardware in the pursuit of profit and this I believe has become worse since the death of Steve Jobs.  By most accounts Steve was a real bastard but he had a vision and one I believed in which persuaded me to part with hard earned cash every year.

The biggest problem I have had with every iPhone I have ever owned is its ability to work as a mobile hot spot.  Connecting anything other than a mac becomes a pain in the arse.  If its an android device like a TV, I usually have to reboot the phone before I can get it connected.  This with EVERY iPhone not just the odd one.   Compare this with every Android device I own becoming a hot spot and all my android devices, laptops and macs work first time.   I also do not like Apples business practice in the way they treat 3rd party repair shops. 

For 2020, I have decided to ditch apple completely and will sell my iPhones, iMac and Macbooks.  

I really do not like Windows 10 and the way Microsoft force updates which can break people’s installations.  It’s happened to me more than once and it sucks.  For me, at least I can choose the hardware provider and if I really need to go back and use Windows XP or 7, I have a spare laptop available to me.    Friends say to go the Linux route and if Visual Studio with WinForms is available then I may well go there. 

That’s all.  I will either have to dig out my Windows 10 phone or use one of my spare Android devices like BlackBerry One or Samsung Note 9+.