windows xp

Software for Windows XP

I am a programmer that has many disks all out or sync with my latest versions of software/source code.  My desk is messy and I can never find what I am looking for.

I have decided to put things I need in one place for reference and to keep a copy of things on this web site.

Two things I need every time I rebuild a VM are FileZilla and Chrome.  These are the first two apps I will list here and more will follow in future.

Download FileZilla 3.8.0.

Download Chrome 49.

Download iTunes 12.1.1.

Advanced Installer

Download Last version to run on XP Advanced Installer 12.0

Download Last version to support XP (does not install on XP but allows you to build installer packages on Win 7+ that will install your apps on XP and newer).  Advanced Installer 15.9