albert einstein

I had to ask what month it was this morning as I thought it was still September. It must be an age thing as I never remembered time going so fast when I was younger.

Finally released fsAudio which is an enhanced version of the old SimpleAudioConverter.  A very powerful conversion tool.

MediaLibrary is now 95% done.  I just need to finish the help files, build sample projects for .Net 3.5/4.0 and a product page.  Probably all done in the next week or two.

Good news on the new project front! ­čśŐ

I use windows explorer a lot and FTP and zip and conversion tools.  I decided to write an app called fsExplorer Pro as my new project.  I always deign the UI and features in my mind and visualise it like a film, full colour and use the app for a while before I start writing it.   I aim to have it in 1 exe with multiple explorer drive/folder/file panels, zip, ftp, filesystem watch and copy files to back up drive.  Full audio conversion to multiple formats, copy from iPod/iPhone/iTunes/CD.  I want to be able to do everything in a select/right click menu as well as toolbar icons.   The app will multitask so the action being taken does not lock the interface.  I will make a development diary of the whole thing so I can look back when I am an old man.  It will be a .Net 4.7 or 4.8 app and support hi-dpi for large monitors.

To be continuedÔÇŽ.