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.Net 2.0/4.0 Library to create databases to store tag information.
.Net 2.0/4.0 Library to create databases to store tag information.
.Net 2.0/4.0 Library to create databases to store tag information.

Its early November and a busy one and FitzSoft has a new logo :-).

Rocking a new ASUS ZenBook DUO Pro laptop….

I have been spending the last month looking for a new laptop which would allow for some game development as well as .net programming.   It came down to a Lenovo T490, X1 Extreme Carbon and the ASUS ZenBook DUO Pro which was my choice in the end.   For someone like myself who is a devoted ThinkPad user, it was a hard decision to make as I only buy new hardware every 3 years.   If I buy a laptop inside this period, then I will pick one up off of eBay.   I wanted something around 15 inches but without a number pad as I hate them and do not use them and do not even like mouse pads.  I either use a mouse or the ThinkPad red nub in the centre of the keyboard.  Can I justify spending £2000+ on a laptop when I have so many in my collection? Is it a need or is it a greed?  This time around it’s a greed as I want something shiny and new.  Why the ASUS? For me, it was the dual screen which pulled me toward choosing the ZenBook.  For a programmer, it’s a joy to have other windows available on the bottom screen while having the development environment open on the top screen.   I also wanted to write my next applications in .NET 4.8 with high DPI support and will be forced to do this with such a high-resolution screen with display set to 200%.

My ThinkPad P70 will be going on eBay next week.

Migrating over my existing system.  I paid for LapLink PC Mover and tried for 4 days to backup and restore my environment to the ZenBook.  Every time it stopped at about 60% restored with either an out of memory or compression error.   I also tried EASEUS which migrated everything over except the license keys and starting applications failed with errors.  The moral of the story is, install everything from scratch on a new machine and then create a disk image with something like Acronis.   Last time I waste money of such products.

I also had to bite the bullet and use Windows 10 from now on.  Windows 7 will be used in a VM for application installation testing.  With Windows 10, I installed Classic Shell to give me the classic Windows XP start menu.  I also disable as much security as possible like UAC, enable the real Administrator account and install everything under this account.  O&O ShutUp 10 ( is a good free app to use to turn off all the windows tracking rubbish.   While Mac OS works out of the box, Windows 10 annoys the hell out of me with all these security prompts and limited use of development tools.   This is one reason I love XP without all those annoyances.

MediaLibrary.NET has been released which provides an audio meta data database for .Net developers.

Description below….

C#/VB.NET 2.0 & 4.0 Library

MediaLibrary is a .NET library designed to save time developing a Media Player or any application that requires the storage of Audio files, Playlist and Track information including cover artwork and Lyrics.

Having looked at the .NET component market place, there seems to be no library of this kind available and we believe there is a market for a component like this.

MediaLibrary comes installed in 2 versions (.NET 2.0/4.0) and compiled with ANYCPU.  Sample projects included have been created with VB.NET/C# 2008/2010.

There are 2 help files with this product.  This one and component API documentation.  This document will be updated as we get questions that need explaining.

The trial version of the library will expire in 30 days.


  • Super fast binary database.
  • Automatically creates Metadata and Artwork databases.
  • Audio files are imported and stored within the database path location.  Progress events are available (see sample application included).
  • Add and Remove playlists.
  • Add and Remove tracks from playlists.
  • Add/Edit track details.
  • Set track rating.
  • Set/remove track artwork.
  • Set/remove track lyrics.
  • Use any tag library to obtain meta data from audio file (tag-sharp included in bin folder).
  • Export files from library to a folder.
  • Export album artwork to a folder
  • Lifetime support and upgrades.
  • Simple, easy and a quick way to build your media player.  MediaLibrary does the database part for you 🙂
  • Included same projects provide all the code you need to get going.

The product page can be found here:

To go along with this library I have produced a version of bcPodTunes called fsTunes and this is the name for my media players going forward.  Where bcPodTunes is designed to be copied and run from an iPod, fsTunes will create and store music in the user Music folder.

Download fsTunes that uses the MediaPlayer library.