Jetman Galactic Mars

Making a game can be very time consuming and often oddities in the chosen game engine can put through a spanner in the works.   Finally, for me, my journey creating Jetman Galactic Mars is almost finished.  The game is done but I managed to lock out my Apple Developer account by getting rid of one of my phone contracts that had the number tied to the account.  Now it’s another couple of weeks delay which I wait for apple to contact me to resolve.  

While I wait for this to be resolved, it gives me time to build the web sites and social media side to get the game known in the big wide world.   Where has been created in WordPress, I decided to make, and with a Mac application called Sparkle.  Yes, plain old html!   Web pages load faster, easier to manage less likely to be hacked.   This is one of the best html editors I have ever used.  

I do not know much about social media so it’s a case of watching YouTube and trying to figure it out.   I love the creating side but dislike the paperwork side.   Unless this is handled, it will all be for nothing as the game will, like so many others, vanish down the release list black hole.   Gone are the days of creating a game and releasing to a hungry audience.  Just as much time needs to be spent promoting a game.

Jetman Galactic Mars will be released on the Apple app store in late May 2021 with more platforms to follow in future.   I also made an updated promo video in MOAVI which is a good video editor if you do not use it on an M1 Mac.     I know from a previous post that I was dumping all Apple products and I wish I could but as this game’s performance is slow on an Android device and super-fast on an Apple device, I had to dig out my Apple kit and decided to upgrade the hardware to an M1 Mac and 16 Inch i9 /MacBook pro to finish the game.   The 2D game engine was suffering on my older MacBook Pro 2013.   It was super-fast on the M1 but I could not use MOAVI so decided to just get another MacBook Pro 16 and finish it on that.   I recommend if using an external monitor on the latest Intel Macbook Pro to keep the lid of the laptop shut otherwise, it will sound like a plane taking off.