albert einstein

Another month swings buy and the pace of life ever increasing in speed. Its like that old Microsoft advert where the scene opens with a woman giving birth, the baby shoots out and as he is flying through the sky, ages until an old man and finally lands in a grave dead.  I found it on YouTube:

As a person who grew up in the countryside where I would spend my childhood amongst trees/animals and insects, life always seemed to be slow and gentle but when I grew up and especially as I work in the computer industry, everything can be a million miles an hour.

In the next couple of months I will be moving house and have been in the process of clearing out and packing things away.  I have not had much time to work on any design or coding apps but have started to exercise again with my new Concept 2 rowing machine. Need to get that summer six pack ready lol.

I have found my Surface Pro X a lovely tablet to use.   I have not had time to test much 32 bit software but have found Chrome, FileZilla and 7Zip work well. 

Once I have settled in my new home, I’ll will start full speed on a new project be it a game or windows app. 

Not much else to report on this month.