If you are having problems using our apps, then we hope your problems can be resolved by following the solutions below.

If the solutions below do not resolve your issue then please contact us via the contact page.

Please include the following information so we can try and replicate the error.

1. Version of Windows including service pack installed.

2. Version of iTunes installed.


4. Name and version of the program you are using.

Our apps have been tested on Windows 7, 8 and 10.


Q. I get "Missing Song Path Error".

After songs/tracks have been copied, you may see an error like this…

07:39:22 [Missing song path] – Unable to locate file on iPod
07:39:22 -> [Track] In The Air Tonight [ARTIST] Phil Collins

This error indicates that the app was not able to locate the track data on your iPod.  The track information exists in the iPod database but is missing from the iPod.  If you try and play the missing track on the iPod, it will skip to the next track.

Q. How do we select multiple tracks?

To select multiple tracks, select the first track and press CTL+A key.  Or select the first track, hold down SHIFT and then left click the last track.

Q. Does SimpleAudioConverter work with my iPhone, iTouch or iPad?

No.  SimpleAudioConverter will not work with Apples iOS devices (iPhone, iTouch and iPad).  This was a design decision.

Q. Do I need iTunes?

No.  SimpleAudioConverter works independent of iTunes.

Q. What iPods are supported?

SimpleAudioConverter will read data from all iPods which mount as removable disks in Windows Explorer.

Q. Can you convert to HD Audio?

Some audio formats support HD Audio in 24/32 BIT (where indicated). In testing, we found some media players would not play the converted tracks correctly. We are developing our own media player which will play all our converted audio formats.

HD Formats:

WAV: 24 & 32 BIT

CAF: 24 & 32 BIT

AU: 24 & 32 BIT

NIST: 24 & 32 BIT



AIF: 24 & 32 BIT



Q. We run the program and my iPod is not found

bcPodNanny will search removable drives attached to your computer.

If your iPod has just been restored or new, it may not have the required files for the app to know the drive is an iPod. If your iPod contains 0 tracks then please run iTunes which will correctly initialize your iPod with all the required files. Also set iTunes not to open when the iPod is attached, and turn off Auto sync. We need to avoid both apps from reading / writing to the iPod database at the same time. If your iPod contains music then do not allow iTunes to “Erase and Sync” as it will wipe your device.  

You may also need to put the iPod in disk mode. Please read the following on how to do this: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1363

If your iPod is not detected and you started iTunes, and you have the same problem, it could be due to a number of reasons.

There could be a problem with your USB device drivers. Try using another USB device like an external drive or thumb drive to see if it appears in “My Computer”.

If the iPod has hung and needs a reboot follow instructions here on how to reset: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1320

Q. Why are we not able to Import or Paste music to some iPods?

On some iPods, Apple added an additional database to store track information. They also added a special algorithm which performs a calculation against the iPod databases. If any of the data is changed in the database then the iPod knows, and even though your music is still there, you see see 0 tracks when you try to play them from the iPod screen.   

For this reason, bcPodNanny will not try and make updates to iPod Nano Generation 6 and iPod Nano Generation 7.

Q. How do we select multiple tracks?

To select multiple tracks, select the first track and press CTL+A key.  Or select the first track, hold down SHIFT and then left click the last track.

Q. Does bcPodNanny work with my iPhone, iTouch or iPad?

bcPodNanny will not work with Apples iOS devices (iPhone, iTouch and iPad).  This was a design decision.

Q. Do I need iTunes?

bcPodNanny can create a new iTunes database and copy the music to your PC. If you then want to play the music, you will need iTunes installed.

Q. What iPods are supported?

bcPodNanny will read data from all iPods.  bcPodNanny will write data to all iPods except Nano 6th and 7th Generation.  We are working to resolve this issue.

bcPodNanny will not work with an iTouch, iPhone or iPad.  You will need bcPhoneNanny for those devices.

Q. When I rename track information I see I can change the media type to audio, audiobook, podcast, video. Why?

When you add media files and folders using bcPodNanny, it can detect the type of file based on file type and genre.   If you add a file which is in video format, bcPodNanny does not know if this is a movie or TV show so sets the type as movie.    Depending on where you purchase the audiobook, it may be in an MP3 format and bcPodNanny will treat it as an audio file.

When you disconnect your iPod and use it, you notice there are menu selections for Audio, Audiobook, Video, TV Show and Podcast on the device.   The media type of the track determines the location it will appear on the iPod.

Being able to set the media type allows you to correctly put one or more tracks in the correct category for the iPod to display.


Q. How do we select multiple tracks?

To select multiple tracks, select the first track and press CTL+A key.  Or select the first track, hold down SHIFT and then left click the last track.

Q. Does bcPhoneNanny work with my iPods?

bcPhoneNanny will not work with Apples iPods (you need bcPodNanny).  bcPhoneNanny only works with iPhone, iTouch or Pad.  This was a design decision.

Q. Do I need iTunes?

bcPhoneNanny requires some libraries from iTunes to be installed to enable the app to communicate with the attached iPhone, iTouch or iPad.

When you install iTunes, other pieces of software are also installed on your PC.

If you do not wish to use the iTunes media player then you can install the iTunes product so the parts that bcPhoneNanny require are made available, and then uninstall iTunes from the Programs and features option from the control panel.

This will leave “Apple Mobile Device Support” and “Apple Application Support” installed on your PC.

Q. What devices are supported?

bcPhoneNanny will read data from all iTouch, iPhone and iPads.

bcPhoneNanny will not work with non iOS devices like iPod Video, iPod Classic or iPod Nano.  You will need bcPodNanny for those devices.

General Questions

Q. Why do my USB devices keep disconnecting and connecting?

If you notice your USB devices disconnecting and connecting in a loop, then this is an indication of an issue with your computer USB ports. Reasons can be: Faulty leads, bad software driver or not enough power to your USB devices or HUB.

Q. I disconnected my iPod and now it shows 0 songs

When you use an app which writes to your iPod, Windows will use what’s called a write-cache to speed up transfer times. When you close a program which uses the iPod like iTunes, you should always follow the correct way to disconnect the device through Windows and not just unplug the device from the USB cable as Windows could still be writing data to the device. If you just disconnect the device from the cable, you could corrupt the iPod database.

Click here on how to do this.

The latest version of bcPodNanny and bcPodTunes will create a backup of your databases as these apps start. It will not backup your music, just the databases which hold media information like songs, videos etc.

If you do find that your iPod database has lost information then you can restore from the database backup.

Locate the recover script in windows explorer: <iPodDriveLetter>bcBackups<Date><Time>_Recovery.bat

Make sure you right click->Run as Administrator.

Q. Are your apps portable?

Yes, where possible our apps will be designed to be portable.

To make one or more of our apps portable, you need to use windows explorer to navigate to either “C:Program filesFitzSoft” or “C:Program files (X86)FitzSoft”.  Inside this folder you will find our installed apps.  Just copy the folder bcPodNanny, bcPhoneNanny, bcPodTunes or any other folder to your thumb drive or iPod.  Inside the copied folder you will find the app name, for example bcPodNanny. You just need to double click this to start the app from its new location.

Q. How do apps appear on large monitors with hi resolution?

Where possible our apps will try and keep the dpi set as default and may look small on hi-res monitors.  Because .net and Windows suck at hi-hpi scaling, the end result on trying to implement it in apps is not perfect.  Any apps developed in 2019 on wards will be created with better scaling if possible.