Why Donate?

Many hours went in to the making of this software and it was a joy to write and I hope you enjoy the software also.  If you would like to donate $1.99 to buy me a coffee, it will keep me awake to allow further development of this software.  If you don’t want to donate then that’s ok too as I am just glad you use my software.

If you do decide to donate me $1.99, you will be taken to a page listing the product keys where you can then copy and paste into each app to remove the nag screen.  Any application on this web site that has a BUY button is excluded from this offer as they are full priced and not Coffeware/Freeware.  If you are not interested in license keys and just want to donate any value then click on my Paypal.me link and donate any value you wish.  It’s all very much appreciated.