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    About FitzSoft

    FitzSoft was born out of the ashes of Binary Computing Ltd.  Most Software on FitzSoft will be released for free but may include a nag screen.  This nag screen/message will disappear if a code is entered.  These codes will be given out if when a user donates a small amount of money to pay for a Star Bucks.  Coffee is not cheap 🙂

    Why Donate?

    Software can take a long time to write and in most cases, developers of Shareware/Freeware do this in their spare time.  Most developers who do this do not make much money when selling their software as we live in a world that wants everything for free.  For this reason, I decided to release most of my software as Coffeeware.  The software will not expire but may nag you to buy me a coffee.  Cheeky I know but I would like to think people with a kind heart who like using the software, may help out by donating a small fee to allow me to purchase a coffee or Pepsi.