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Jetman Galactic

October 2020

Where has this year gone?  The last few months have been a blur and I have spent most of my time like others at home.   I thought, for my own sanity, put an update out. I have spent most of my spare time working on some games.   I have 2 games in progress, Jetman Galactic…

JetMan Galactic 2020 Screen shot

April 2020

The last couple of months have been an interesting one with the dreaded virus going around reducing the world population.   Just before lockdown I grabbed myself a reasonable new Range Rover Sport and said goodbye to my lovely Range Rover Vogue.   They say if you get a Range Rover that works for more than 10…

albert einstein

October 2019

I had to ask what month it was this morning as I thought it was still September. It must be an age thing as I never remembered time going so fast when I was younger. Finally released fsAudio which is an enhanced version of the old SimpleAudioConverter.  A very powerful conversion tool. MediaLibrary is now…