JetMan Galactic 2020 Screen shot

The last couple of months have been an interesting one with the dreaded virus going around reducing the world population.   Just before lockdown I grabbed myself a reasonable new Range Rover Sport and said goodbye to my lovely Range Rover Vogue.   They say if you get a Range Rover that works for more than 10 minutes without a problem of some description, your blessed.  I can say I was blessed with the Vogue but not the Sport.  Having collected the car from the dealership, the air suspension had a fault where you could not lover the car.  As I drive old people about, this feature is really needed.   So I took the car back after driving it for 20 minutes.  3 weeks later I picked the car up all working and an incredibly happy customer.  On the way home from the dealership after 40 minutes of driving, the car issued a gearbox fault warning and another one I am unable to remember. Could not believe it.  Took it back the next morning and they had to send it to a gearbox specialist.  4 weeks later I get the car back finally working as expected.  I drove the car for an hour in 7 weeks.   Its now done a couple hundred miles and working…  Fingers crossed.

I started working on a 2D JetPac type game called “JetMan Galactic 2020” based on an old GameSalad project from 2013.   As I wanted to finish this game quickly, I decided to work on completing this project before moving on to Unity to start 2D/3D projects.  I also need to write fsExplorer which will be an enhanced file explorer with built in preview for many filetypes and able to play audio files.  Expect to start fsExplorer in the next month. 

Almost ready to move home in the next month.  This place is full of boxes and filled 2 storage units (2x100sqr feet).  I hope to finish this game before I move.

I will post a couple of youtube videos of “JetMan Galactic 2020” when I have a demo completed.

Stay Safe, have fun.